Originally from a very small small small town in Wisconsin. This divorced mother of two is full time registered nurse. But she thinks "Nursing Sucks?". ssshhh don't tell her patients! This people pleaser is always ready to come to your aid, and take care of you even though she's thinking about Hawaii. She plans to retire as soon as she has built up enough good karma to get her a rich husband or at least one with a job. Her stand-up comedy explores the humor in being a menopausal, dating, divorcee. She'd like to get married again just so she'll have someone to resent. Contact charley @NursingSucks or EHarmony.

Special Skills

Singing (mezzo-soprano), dancing, roller blade, ice skating, downhill skiing, sailing (small boats), jet ski, water skiing, swimming, Flappers regular stand up comedian.

Charley is a registered nurse and has worked in a variety of hospitals and health care settings.

Training & Workshops

About Me

Killian’s Commercial Improv Workshop                      Sandra Merrill Commercial Intensive
Killian’s Commercial Adult Workshop                         Danielle Eskinazi Commercial Workshop
Killian’s Commercial Foundation Class                        Killian’s Callback Workshop
Megan Foley’s Commercial Intensive                           Improv IO West, Graduate, all 7 levels
BA Communication/Theater U-W Milwaukee              Flappers Stand-up Comedy Classes

Tru TV How to be a Grown Up                   2 Sketch Characters                              John Murphy

Juno                                                                Bren                                                        Tevin Posey

Unspoken Souls                                           Carol                                                       Nicholle Devan

The Miracle Archives                                  Interview                                                 Victor Olea 

Bodies for a Global Brain                          Supporting                                             Eban Portnoy

Off Air                                                           Featured                                                Lauren Johnson

National Geographic Channel                  Principal                                                Nickolay Todorov

A Funny Thing Happened                            Philia                                                     Richard Sutton

on the Way to the Forum

IO West                                                       Improv Team                                                Fibinocci